. Ensure that all work being performed in pliance with the design drawings and specifications; prompt Reporting non pliances;

. Audit and report as necessary that execution of works is performed to the required quality processes;

. Audit Random attendance at inspections, and testing and missioning for all construction activities;

. Audit and Random attendance at initial selection of materials or systems;

. Support in Liaising with independent certifier and independent measurement and verification consultant advisor as necessary from design perspective;

. Assist in ensuring all record documents as specified in the Technical specifications, including all as built drawings are prepared as required;

. Assist in ensuring that all operation and maintenance requirements Manuals as specified in the Technical specifications are prepared as required;

. Selective monitoring and auditing of equipment and material samples and specimen selection to verify pliance with design, standards and specifications, where performance is guaranteed to ensure design specification are plied with;

. Selective attendance as appropriate at testing pre missioning and missioning;

. Selective attendance as appropriate at performance testing and measurement and verification procedures;

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