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Student Support

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Until Filled For School Year 2021-2022
184- Work Day Calendar

Annual Salary: $41,927+
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Job Summary:
The School Nurse will support and promote the connection between health and academic achievement. Capable of attending to the duties of the position assigned for the duration of the assignment.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Provide supervision of Health Paraprofessionals and other unlicensed assistive personnel at schools/district of assigned support:

Monitor performance, as stated in District and CDE policies.

Ensure safe delegation to and monitor performance of delegated tasks to unlicensed assistive personnel by adhering to the provisions of the Colorado Nurse Practice Act :

Interview parents/guardians and/or health care providers either by home/office visit, medical record review, or telephone interview, to obtain all information required to complete an Individualized Health Care Plan.

Develop the Individualized Health Care Plan to support the student's needs, and review with parent/guardian prior to enacting the plan if possible.

Train and/or delegate essential staff members on the information and any specific and required procedures described in the Individualized Health Care Plan.

Monitor the efficacy of the Individualized Health Care Plan on an ongoing basis throughout the year and review annually. Provide communication with and instruction for students, families, and staff on specific health issues by individual counseling, conducting classes, or through written communication. Serve as a resource person for district employees:

Provide resources for health information, medical information, assist with access to community resources, etc.

Train personnel in health issues, screening procedures, and delegated medical procedures as School Nurse feels is appropriate as per the Colorado Nurse Practice Act. Respond to medical emergencies:

Be available by phone to health paraprofessionals and staff for any questions or guidance needed within the emergency.

Facilitate debriefing with all involved staff following an emergency to strengthen processes and ensure safety in future incidents, as well as ensure all involved individuals have any needed resources to help deal with the event and any resultant trauma.

Ensure all accident/incident reports have been completed. Facilitate health education in the school and district environment:

Provide preventative health education through classroom and individual instruction, written communication, including but not limited to school and district newsletters.

Provide instruction on specific student health issues.

Participate in and promote employee wellness programs at school and district levels.

Survey trends related to student health issues, including absenteeism, mental, physical, and oral health. Participate in Special Education and Section 504 Evaluation Process.

Attend weekly SPED team meetings at all schools assigned.

Interview parents/guardians and/or health care providers either in person or on-site, home visit or telephone, to obtain necessary medical information needed to write comprehensive health care plans.

Obtain health histories for IEP meetings; enter the information in the electronic IEP system.

Attend IEP meetings of children with medical issues or if health history could not be obtained prior.

Serve as a medical professional on the 504 team and obtain health histories for 504 meetings; enter the information in the electronic 504 system. Attend Child Find meetings to evaluate or review records, obtain health history, conduct vision and hearing screenings. Attend transition meetings for children who have medical issues to include: Kindergarten, elementary to middle school, middle school to high school.

Stay current on public health issues and relay that information to school and district administration, staff, and families.

Assess and provide recommendations regarding environmental hazards and safety issues.

Assist in the development of policy to provide a safe and healthy school environment. Support the district's Communicable Disease/Pandemic Programs through identification, appropriate follow-up , education, immunization screening, and referral to community resources with follow-up and coordination with appropriate community health agencies in the event of a Communicable Disease outbreak or other Public Health emergency.

Perform Clinical Responsibilities if unlicensed assistive personnel is unable or if nursing judgement is required in a situation. Triage of the health needs of students.

Perform first aid and/or appropriate medical follow-up.

Coordinate, perform, and computer data entry required health screenings such as vision, hearing, immunizations, etc. and facilitate follow-up care needs for individual students as needed.

Maintain clinic equipment and supplies in coordination with unlicensed assistive personnel. Provide assistance for students identified as abusing drugs or alcohol as well as assisting with follow-up with families and community resources as appropriate, following all age appropriate HIPAA and FERPA laws.

Provide support to risk and threat assessment teams. Complete and submit Medicaid billing on a monthly basis.

Assist in training Health Paraprofessionals and other delegated individuals in appropriate Medicaid billing processed and ensure compliance on an ongoing basis in coordination with the District Medicaid Coordinator.

Actively participate in district and community health-related committees.

Perform other duties as assigned. Education Training and Experience:

Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and current CPR certification.

At least three years experience as an RN; School, Public Heath, and/or Pediatric Nursing experience preferred.

A valid Colorado Registered Nursing License issued by the State Department of Regulatory Agency.

Must be in process of obtaining Colorado Department of Education Special Services License

Criminal background check and District fingerprinting required. Note: Each college transcript shall be authentic, original or photocopy, bearing the embossed seal of the institution, the signature of the registrar, and including descriptive titles, course numbers, credits, and grades for each course listed and degrees earned, if any. For the purpose of these Rules, credits shall be in semester hours or may be interpreted as meaning the equivalent in quarter, trimester, unit or term credits.

Application Procedure:
Apply online at www.hsd2.org to complete an online application. After completing your application, you must apply for each position that is of interest to you.
FLSA: Exempt


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Posted Date : 2022-05-07

Job type : Full Time

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