Provides general medical care and treatment to patients in medical facilities such as primary or specialty clinics, health centers, hospitals, public health agencies and/or residential treatment locations under direction of Physician, by performing the following duties personally.  Responsible for ensuring that all critical tasks are fulfilled on a timely basis.


Successfully manages complex and chronic medical conditions to the benefit of patients including diabetes mellitus, substance abuse, behavioral health, seizure disorders, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and/or autoimmune disorders and conditions, etc.

Treats secondary conditions of patients such as infections and other medical conditions that may or may not result from earlier medical conditions or treatments.

Maintains exclusive focus upon patients and their needs without significant distraction by administrative and non-patient contact activities.

Interviews patients, reviews records, and confers with other professionals to evaluate condition of Patients.

Provides urgent care treatments and stabilization of patients with acute conditions while referring complex cases to specialized facilities and providers.

Orders or performs appropriate medical tests and evaluations.

Interprets lab and medical imaging data to the benefit of patients.

Performs physical examinations and preventive health measures within prescribed guidelines and per instructions provided by Physicians, of patients of all ages.

Performs a broad array of office procedures such as pelvic and rectal exams; ear, nose and throat exams; wound care; pre-operative physicals; medication directions; dietary and lifestyle counseling; providing guidance to family and/or caregivers, etc.

Orders, interprets, and evaluates diagnostic tests to identify and assess patient's clinical problems and health care needs.

Develops and implements contemporary and proven plans of care.

Fully coordinates services to patients with other patient care team members and providers.

Records physical findings, and formulates plans and prognoses, based on patient's condition.

Discusses cases with Physicians and other health professionals to prepare comprehensive patient care plans.

Submits health care plan and goals of individual patients for periodic review and evaluation by Physicians.

Prescribes or recommends drugs or other forms of treatment such as physical therapy, inhalation therapy, or other therapeutic procedures and treatment modalities.

Refers patients to Physicians for consultation or to specialized health resources for treatment, as well as to hospital facilities and specialized care when necessary.

Maintains all necessary and appropriate contact with patients for follow-up care and improved health purposes.

Complies with all regulatory requirements and standards of contemporary medical care.

Monitors and manages medications for individual patients in the most appropriate and successful manner.

Asks all medically necessary questions of patients while utilizing questioning methods that elicit all required information for proper medical diagnoses and treatments.

Maintains consistent focus upon patient medical conditions and needs, and continually adjusts scheduling to accomplish that at as high a speed and with the greatest productivity possible.

Demonstrates ability to regularly change priorities to accomplish all tasks despite frequent interruptions.

Demonstrates ability to clearly communicate, both orally and in writing, while performing all essential functions.

Performs other special projects and duties as assigned.


Masters Degree in Nursing, Family Medicine or a very closely related subject.

Arizona licensed Nurse Practitioner in good standing.

A minimum of 6 years of licensed nursing experience at least 3 of which must be as a licensed Nurse Practitioner.

Demonstrated ability to relate to diverse cultures and specifically the Gila River Community and/or other Native American cultures.

Interest in medical subjects, patient services/care, and customer service.

Prior medical environment work experience is preferred.

Job Details:

Posted Date : 2022-05-07

Job type : Full Time

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