The RT is an important member of the patient care team, providing respiratory care, support, and teaching of pediatric and adults patients in the ED, MS, ICU, and PACU. The RT is responsible for helping create and maintain a safe, healing environment for our patients, and a healthy working environment for the entire care team. The RT is expected to perform duties autonomously. The RT reports to the Director of Patient Services.

Assesses a patient's respiratory status, including, but not limited to: clinical presentation, O2 requirements, respiratory pattern, breath sounds, and ability to maintain airway; determine and/or recommend a course of treatment. Monitors for improvement or deterioration of patient status. Draw and interpret arterial blood gas, and report findings to MD to develop treatment plan. Assist nursing with repositioning as needed to maximize respiratory efforts; ambulates patient as needed or requested, to assess respiratory strength. Administer ABTs. Educate patients on the effects/side effects of respiratory medications, and indications / use of incentive spirometry.

Assist MD with intubation, to include gathering supplies and equipment, setting up ventilator, etc.. Monitor patient physiologic response to intubation and vent mode and adjust settings to patient comfort and goals of treatment. Perform vent checks and makeup adjustments per protocol. Perform ETT suctioning and/or mouth care as needed and per protocol. Assist in transporting intubated patients, or those with very tenuous respiratory status.

Responds to all Rapid Response Team, Code Blue, and Code Stroke calls, monitors and manages patient airway. Performs EKGs as needed; Provides expert clinical recommendations and support in all emergent situations.

Maintain ability to set up and troubleshoot High Flow Vapotherm system, Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilator, and Phillips Respironics V60 BIPAP unit; and ensures units are in good working order, cleaned after use, stored properly, and are ready to use for next patient. Completes safety checks of Code Blue carts throughout the hospital.

Supports a safe and healing environment for each patient by keeping rooms neat and tidy, and free from clutter. Ensures all patient safety interventions are in place at all times - such as keeping the call light and patient belongings within reach of the patient; bed/chair alarms are on and functioning; and/or all other patient specific safety interventions are in place. Recognizes importance of customer service, is welcoming and friendly. Assists and guides visitors as needed, answers the phone with a professional manner and tone. Is sensitive to cultural differences and treats all people with respect and compassion. Maintains a professional personal appearance and manner at all times, in accordance with SVH policy.

Supports a healthy working environment by volunteering discretionary effort constantly, is curious and not judgmental, maintains a positive attitude and fosters a spirit of teamwork among all disciplines. Seeks solutions and engages in problem-solving, avoiding gossip and negativity. Offers expert teaching and advice to all members of the team.

Supports a safe working environment by keeping hallways and workstations free of equipment and clutter. Puts equipment and unused supplies away when no longer needed. Submits work orders for faulty or broken equipment to appropriate team . Cleans and disinfects equipment per SVH Infection Prevention policy. Performs hand hygiene before and after every patient interaction and when hands are visibly soiled. Reports unanticipated events as appropriate via the Midas system.

Maintains personal responsibility for keeping all employment requirements in good standing, including but not limited to California license to practice, BLS certification, annual employee health requirements and annual employee education requirements

Practices financial stewardship by not overusing or wasting supplies; completes proper documentation to ensure appropriate charges are captured.

Education: Graduate of an accredited School of Respiratory Care

Experience: Minimum of six months as an RT in an acute care setting

Licenses & Certifications: Current Respiratory Care Practitioner license by the State of California; Basic Life Support Adavanced Cardiac Life Support and Neonatal Resuscitation Program from an American Heart Association approved agency

Required Skills & Knowledge: Proficiency in all basic therapeutic modalities of respiratory care, including medications and ventilator management. Strong problem solving and analytical skills.

ID: 2022-1623

Street: 347 Andrieux Street

Job Details:

Posted Date : 2022-04-21

Expiry Date : 2022-07-21

Job type : Part Time

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