This is a part-time driver opportnity with ll time impact on or NAPA bsiness! Does being ot on the open road get yo excited? While it takes some great people to serve or cstomers rom the inside, or Driver jobs are or those who want to be otside serving or cstomers! A NAPA Delivery Driver is a great opportnity whether yo are looking to spend yor career with s as a Driver, want to get yor oot in the door with s to explore other careers at some point, and or jst want to earn some extra income 23 We welcome yo!

What yo29ll be doing:

Delivering parts to or Cstomers with a passion or developing relationships with or cstomers

Picks p parts rom vendors, ensre stock room parts are accrately stocked and maintain/check inventory.

Consistently ocsed on saety while driving and delivering or parts

Serving as a NAPA Brand Ambassador as yo meet cstomers dring yor deliveries

Bilding long-term relationships with the cstomers yo deliver to

Maintain store delivery trck throgh adherence maintained to saety checklists, ensring vehicle is clean, and that basic maintenance is done .
This is the right opportnity or yo i yo:

Love to work independently, enjoy driving , and also engaging with cstomers ace to ace

Take pride in the work that yo so and ocsed on saety and reliability each day!

Want to be a part o a company that ocsed on inding ixes or cstomers and where no 2 days are the same

Thrive o being in a very ast-moving environment and being sper bsy yet being a part o a company where yo jst may ind yor 2C2nd amily2D!

Are a stdent or retired and want to work with a company that will be lexible with yor schedle
What yo29ll need:

Agility to bend to loor-level shelves and reach to pper shelves with se o stool or ladder when necessary and the stamina to stand and walk or entire work shit and lit p to 6 lbs o merchandise

Able to handle cash charge transactions correctly and core/part retrns appropriately

Maintaining a distribtion log or tracking system to record all deliveries/pickps made

Inspecting, protecting and maintaining company assets, merchandise, vehicles, bilding and people

Clear speaking and attentive listening skills

Driving throghot the metropolitan area sing maps and directions

Able to be lexible with yor schedle inclding evenings, weekends and holidays

Valid Driver29s License
What is in it or yo:

Awesome people and brand

Otstanding health beneits and 4K

Stable company. ortne 2 with a 2Camily2D eel

amily Cltre where no 2 days or career paths are the same!

Opportnity or accessing mltiple career paths, ongoing development, with spport rom leaders and yor team
Day in the Lie:

I this job sonds like a it, please check ot one o or awesome NAPA Delivery Drivers Day in the Lie o a NAPA Delivery Driver . We want yo to have all the inormation that yo need to make sre that this is a it or yo! Or hopes are that the stories/videos either excite yo to apply or maybe not so mch 23 Either way we appreciate yo stopping by today!

Next Steps:

Please apply i yo think this is a great it or yo! We will reach ot to yo i we ind that yo are it or s. I yo decide that this role is not or yo, please check ot some o or other great careers by visiting

Job Details:

Posted Date : 2022-04-21

Expiry Date : 2022-07-21

Job type : Part Time

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