is a specialised job search engine designed to connect job seekers directly with International recruiters from all Over the world,and we're looking to hire a motivated new member to join our team at FreeCoverLetter in a job position of a Translator

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Translating and editing reports and press releases

- Reviewing and ensuring the correct use of expressive terms in our content

- Consecutive Translation during meetings and briefings from Arabic to English and vice versa

- Ensure translated content conveys original meaning and tone

- Proofread translated texts for grammar, spelling and punctuation accuracy

- Cross-reference specialized dictionaries and translation tools to check quality of translation

Skills and Requirements:

- Proven work experience as a Translator, Interpreter or similar role

- Fluency in English language, with a valid certification in language proficiency

- Good knowledge of content editing tools

- Excellent proofreading skills with the ability to identify grammatical errors

- Minimum of diploma or bachelors degree in English literature, translation or or linguistics

Job Details:

Posted Date : 2022-03-28

Expiry Date : 2022-06-28

Job type : Full Time

Location : Amman - Jordan

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